1)    Girl Education

a) Beautiful Minds Scholarship

This program addresses the need for secondary education. It gives special focus to girl-child and acutely vulnerable children through sponsorship.

2)    Women Empowerment

a)    Rural Women Empowerment on Agri-business and Financial Management

This program trains rural women farmers on value addition, food processing, and financial management.

b)    ICT-Skills 4 Girls

This program equips girls with Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) skills. It gives special focus to secondary school leavers

3)    Sanitation

a)    Smart Period

This program addresses the need for menstrual hygiene among teenagers. It involves raising awareness of menstrual hygiene and providing sanitary pads to girls who are not able to purchase such resources.

4)    Leadership

a)    Inspire Young Leader

This program aims at equipping young women with leadership skills as a way of preparing them for leadership roles in different sectors in their communities.